6 things you should know if you’re looking to enter Data Science in 2021!

Sanjeev Sahu
3 min readJun 14, 2021


At the end of reading this, you’ll have an overall idea of what are the trends in Data Science hiring in 2021.

One thing is true that Data science in not the sexiest job of the 21st century anymore.

There are many reasons for that.

But it is a good choice for someone who wants to switch careers and get into technology domain.

The learning curve is well balanced where you don’t have to be a pro and is mostly a generalist role in most of the organizations (if it’s not a developer role).

So, let's see what are the hiring trends in 2021.

  1. What cities have vacancies for DS jobs?

As we can see that Bangalore has highest number of vacancies in the country followed by Gurgaon and Mumbai.

If you are looking to go these places then you are in luck!

2. What companies are hiring the most?

as we can see Accenture and IBM are top recruiters. Accenture with most number of vacancies. But you should also apply in other companies, coz you never know until you get the job.

3. What roles are being offered?

Data scientist, Data Analyst and Business Analyst are the most popular roles that are offered in 2021.

You can prepare or plan your preparation accordingly.

4. How much experience are they looking?

This is a controversial subject. Expererince is an important parameter in judging a candidate, but what about people who are jumping straight away into DS. If you are a newbie then you might not like the next graph.

Yes, most of the firms want candidates with experience with 5–10 years and only a few want above 2 years of experience.

Best of luck to newbies.

5. How much pay should you expect?

Although out of 900 samples I collected, 750 posts didn’t mention the salary but what I could conclude from the rest is that salary is between is that the average salary is between 6- 15 lakhs.

At last we have reached at the most important question —

6. What are the most demanded skills by the companies?

ML skills, Python, IT Skills, Data analysis, AI, SQL are the most demanded skills by the companies.

In addition to these I would also add learning few workflow automation tools just in case. Western companies are already using those and the trend should reach India soon.

Also, candidates should also be comfortable with some cloud technologies like Azure, GCP etc.

These are some of the important things that people should keep in their mind when they prepare for DS jobs.

I used a chrome extension called Data Miner for scraping the webpages and google colab for data analysis.

If you want see the code here is the link

Thank you and if you have any queries, please do comment.



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